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Sex Therapist Sydney and Inner West

Testimonials and Success Stories

Male 30

'I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and thought they brought about an amazing shift which allowed me to work through barriers that I never really imagined could have been broken through. The hypnotherapy sessions brought about a sense of quiet confidence and ability to tackle what needed to be done and helped me realise a dream I'd toyed with for years, but never believed I could achieve. It's taken down my anxiety levels and given me a new sense of direction. Thanks Lucy!'

Male 46

'Thank you for your insights and deft way of working through the different levels of the process. I am feeling more confident to address future goals and release some early unhealthy patterns.

I will be in touch and will be utilising many of the strategies you have introduced to me through your various sessions.'

Female 27 (stress/ anxiety)

'... So I'm happy to say that I'm seeing some improvements and results already :) I'm really happy with how things are going, you're so helpful & wonderful, and the fact that you care so much really makes a difference. I know it's your job but I also know that many people in your position would be happy to just let their patients go home & not give them another thought until their next session. I like that you know where I'm at, and you don't treat me like 'just another client'.'

Male 24 (sports performance/ motivation/ weight loss)

'After suffering from whooping cough my immune system had been affected and as a result I had a major decrease in energy levels, had put on a lot of weight and thought that I would never be the same as I was before I got the whooping cough. Prior to getting whooping cough I had a fit body, had lots of energy and did not crave snack food on a daily basis also went swimming everyday doing to 20 laps a day.

From the first time I spoke to Lucy on the phone I felt so comfortable with her relaxed, friendly and helpful approach and had shopped around for a hypnotherapist before contacting Lucy and found her beyond comparison.

After just the 1st session with Lucy I was back swimming almost as much as I had done before I had got whooping cough and in fact I had not even jumped into a pool for at least 4 months because of having whooping cough. By the 3rd session with Lucy I had stopped craving snack food on a daily basis and was back swimming on an everyday basis and my energy levels had a major increase and I was starting to lose weight without being on any diet and I have felt 100% ever since.

Lucy would frequently follow up with me between sessions to see how I was going which I found very supportive. I would recommend anyone to Lucy Patarcic and think that she is one of a kind unique therapist.

Thanks Lucy, Kind Regards' - Brendan

Male 35 (smoking)

'I am still going strong and am now a 3 months quitter and proud of it. After years of trying to quit, hypnotherapy played a big part in my success. I have successfully broken the habit of lighting up.

Thanks again for your help and support.' - Philippe

Female 32 (painful sex)

'After having suffered painful sex on and off for years and then receiving a 3rd degree tear after childbirth I really thought I was never going to enjoy sex again and that I would have to just put up with the fear of painful sex.

It was only a couple of months ago that I sought out hypnotherapy and had my first session (a weight had lifted off my shoulders) and I couldn't believe that only a week after my first session, my partner and I were having sex (not painful sex). By the second session, my fears had completely gone about painful sex and I was starting to feel relaxed and really positive about enjoying great sex again. Hypnotherapy is truly amazing!

My therapist (Lucy Patarcic) was very professional and I was completely comfortable with her. I am so grateful to have tried hypnotherapy and would recommend it to everyone!'

Female 64 (chronic pain/ fibromyalgia/ neuropathy)

'I am writing to thank you for the incredible difference you made to my painful feet. As you know, I saw many doctors without success for my problem. After minimal consultations with you, I was able to change my life and stop the tablets because there was no pain at all.

I can't thank you enough because I almost lost my hope. Thank you again.'

Female 38 (fear of enclosed spaces)

'I am grateful for your invaluable assistance in helping me understand and deal with the fear that engulfed me when confronted with everyday situations. Your professional manner and guidance gave me confidence to realise that I did not have to live with the fear but that I could overcome it. Thank you for your continued support.'

Female (sports performance)

'Like most people I was a bit hesitant at first to see Lucy and get the whole hypnosis thing done on me.  But Lucy clearly explained to me what it was and what it involved, that I would consciously know what will happen during the session and if any time I felt uncomfortable I could stop anytime.

I learnt valuable techniques and continue to use them for training and competition.

Breathing and visualising before each training session and competition allowed me to focus on the task at hand and not be overly nervous before stepping onto the mat.

Lucy's professional and friendly manner helped me be more comfortable with being hypnotised for my sport and especially my life.'