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Clinical Hypnotherapy Newtown and Surry Hills. Quit smoking Surry Hills

Welcome to Lucid Mind | Sex Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Coaching

Lucid Mind is a Sydney based integrated therapy practice conveniently located at Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD. Skype and telephone consultations are available nationally and internationally.

Lucid Mind is dedicated to helping you achieve your desired results with individually tailored sessions utilising (where applicable) Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sex Therapy, Sexual Health Counselling, Relationship Counselling, General Counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching in a caring, professional and confidential environment.

For more detailed information on Sex Therapy, Sexual Health Counselling and Relationship Counselling, please visit my practice website for Sex Therapy and Relationship Counselling.

Lucid Mind can assist you with achieving your goals, improving sports performance, help you overcome your fears, limiting beliefs / behaviours, and reach your full potential.

We can also assist you with the following:

stress  anxiety  relaxation  quit smoking  sleep  phobias  male and female sexual concerns and sexual dysfunction (incl. individual/couples counselling, erection and ejaculation concerns (premature ejaculation (PE), erectile dysfunction (ED), delayed ejaculation (DE)), vaginismus, sex addiction, porn addiction, compulsive behaviours, orgasm & desire concerns, painful sex, fear/phobia of painful sex, performance anxiety, sexual fetishes, moving on from past relationships))   depression  fingernail biting  confidence  self esteem   weight loss   alcohol  gambling  addiction  health issues including tinnitus, skin conditions, allergies, warts, pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and more.

At Lucid Mind we are committed to helping you realise your vision as quickly and as effectively as possible.

If our thoughts create our reality then we also create our reality with the language and words we use in our daily life and our self talk. Through healing and understanding our conscious and subconscious thought patterns we can live the life we choose.

Please feel free to contact us to enquire about a complimentary obligation-free, 15    minute consultation to discuss your requirements. (Please note: Hypnosis will not
   take place during this session).